Wednesday, 22 June 2011

I have Insurance

Well, when we ask any one about Insurance, They immediately say I have Insurance, Good that they have Insurance, but are their life really protected?


I ask this question because.


The concerned person might be drawing a salary of  `1 lakh per month, But he may have couple of policies. When you look in for the whole life cover value it would be only `2 to `3 lakhs or some times `5 lakhs  (This is the scenario in 95% of the cases).


It simply means if the insurer dies , the family gets `5 lakh ,if the money is put in a savings account it fetches 6% per annum ,which is  `30,000/- in this case, that is ` 2500/- Per month. Imagine the condition of the family status; they were earlier getting `1 lakh per month once the insurer was alive now they get only ` 2500/- Per month. Just imagine the living standard they might have after his loss.


So Kindly double check when ever you say you have Insurance. Check if you have the necessary life cover. In this case he needs a life cover of `2 crore, that is it means in case of any uncertainty, the family gets `2 crore. If it is put in a bank that fetches 6% per annum the family gets `12 lakhs per annum that is `1 lakh per month, the last drawn salary of the life insured.


One can achieve this by shelling out just `2 to `3 thousand depending upon their age for tenure of 30 years. For more details send in your date of birth and email id to I Will tell how much you should save per month to get 1 crore Insurance cover.

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  1. thanks for kind information, u are continue the create social awarness


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